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Biotechnology Insurance
The growth of technology has revolutionized many industries, including biology and medicine where breakthrough advances are finding new cures for illnesses and a better understanding of our health.

Biotechnology companies are raising capital that is facilitated with directors and officers liability insurance, conducting clinical trials and launching new products that require liability insurance, building laboratories that require property insurance, hiring employees that need the statutory protection of workers compensation insurance to mention a few of the challenges that we can help address.
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Technology Insurance
A patent office official reputedly made the comment that everything useful had already been invented…in the early 1900’s! Technology companies have unique needs…often experiencing explosive growth as a startup to established companies that are continually innovating to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations.

You need a knowledgeable insurance professional to help you protect your company and meet contractual obligations that are ever expanding in the areas of errors and omissions liability, network and privacy liability, employment practices liability, intellectual property liability to name a few.
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Technology &
Biotechnology Start-up
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The lifecycle of a start-up from an insurance perspective
Insurance Perspective
Starting a company is a big deal…but maybe only to you. Have a knowledgeable insurance broker help you determine what you need to meet regulatory, contractual and customer (hopefully!) requirements, while preserving as much capital as possible to develop your product or service.

Whether information technology, medical products, materials science, biotechnology, nanotechnology or other areas, startups face enormous challenges and we can help with one piece of the puzzle…insurance.
Technology & Biotechnology Start-up
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Professional Liability
Professional Liability Insurance – you cannot afford to be without it!
Even the most diligent practitioner can be subject to allegations of errors – be prepared. Don't let an allegation of malpractice destroy the value of your practice that you built up with time, effort and money. The benefit of an insurance policy is the protection you receive in the form of defense and payments of judgments, as well as ancillary support for risk mitigation through continuing education and early claim intervention. Your insurance broker can help you manage the entire process – you are an expert in your field as we are in ours.

Professional Liability Insurance – for a wide range of professionals in healthcare, architecture, engineering, legal, investment advisory and other areas.
Professional Liability Insurance
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Business Insurance
Types of insurance protection:  
•  Property and Equipment lnsurance
•  Business Interruption/ Extra Expenses
•  General Liability
•  Products Liability
•  Network and Privacy Liability
•  Crime (Employee Dishonesty)
•  Fiduciary Liability
•  Ocean Cargo
•  Clinical Trials Liability
•  Professional Liability (Errors And Omissions)
•  Workers Compensation
•  Automobile Liability
•  Umbrella Liability
•  Employment Practices Liability
•  Directors and Officers Liability
•  We can also help with life, disability & health insurance through trusted partners.
Business Insurance
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International Insurance
The world isn’t getting smaller…it just seems that way. The continued growth of the global economy means even small to mid-sized enterprises can have supply or distribution chains that span the globe. Have a knowledgeable insurance broker with international experience help you identify the risks and arrange insurance to protect your company and employees.

US companies selling overseas can take advantage of lower foreign liability rates that are as much as 80% lower than prevailing US product liability rates… can you realize potential savings with a foreign liability package policy? And you can protect your employees, who travel overseas, with a business travel accident policy.

Overseas companies coming to the US, particularly as a start up, often struggle to find a broker familiar with their unique needs. What kinds of insurances are needed and how to integrate with the parent company’s insurance program to mitigate coverage gaps and streamline administration in a cost effective manner?
International Insurance
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About Us
About Us
John T Rigaut, CPCU has over 30 years experience in the insurance industry, helping clients control their risk to loss through risk management and the purchase of insurance. Trained and licensed as a professional engineer, he worked in loss control completing risk surveys and preparing strategies for risk improvement. As an underwriter, he drafted customized insurance policies and endorsements to cover emerging risks in the marketplace. The majority of his career though, has been as an insurance broker, where he helps clients analyze their exposures to loss, negotiates with insurance companies to obtain the desired protection at a reasonable cost, assists in claim resolution and provides the type of in depth service and support expected by today's busy professionals.
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